Chinkz, an urban model from NYC, has had a lingerie fetish for as long as she can remember. “Its like playing dress up. Whether its lights, camera, action at a photo-shoot, a night with that special someone or if she just wants to get sexy for herself, wearing lingerie brings out her alter-ego. Every woman should have at least one lingerie draw in their bedroom”.


Chinkz launched Xtreme Desires in November 2015 with the intent to create affordable lingerie that caters to slim, thick and plus size women. Our goal at is to make every woman look and feel her best regardless of her shape, weight and size. We offer high quality trendy lingerie at an affordable price.


As of December 2015, will not only provide lingerie to women of different shapes and sizes, but apparel will be sold as well.

As a woman standing tall at 5’10, weighing 181 lbs., with stats such as 32-27-46, Chinkz experiences frustration on a daily basis when it comes to finding clothing and lingerie that compliment her body structure. will eventually be your one stop center from lingerie, to hats to leggings etc.


Shop with confidence at, as we believe that because lingerie can serve so many different purposes, every woman should be confident enough to own at least a few pairs. We believe that a woman should look and feel her best in clothing, and should feel even sexier as the clothes come off. Trust that Xtreme Desires will work diligently to cater to the various wants and needs of our customers and deliver to your expectations.